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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More Embarrassment? Wide Boyz Lectures

Yup, can it get any more embarrassing than standing up on a stage and talking about how I kept Pete warm at night with Alex's onions or how I got lost in Newcastle for an hour with two Satnavs?

How about this video of myself screaming for starters?

Rumours about Pete's underwear, what Stevie really thinks, unseen video footage, tales of Onion Power and more.

Lecture 1: Cambridge - 21st Jan + Masterclass on cracks
Lecture 2: Lutterworth (south of Nottingham) 31st Jan
Lecture 3: Shaff expert night - 23rd Feb
Lecture 4: Outside Hathersage - 31st March
Crack School in The Peak - 1st April. Surely a joke??! 

If anyone wants tickets for the 21st Jan date, email me and I can pass on details. All other tickets are to be sorted soon.... 


  1. You could keep up the old tradition of Night Climbing on the Roofs of Cambridge whilst you're down there (http://nightclimbers.blogspot.com/ book also available!)

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  2. Come to Wales!

  3. Really enjoyed your lecture last night in Cambridge guys; good luck with the rest of the tour.

  4. I also enjoyed the lecture, funny and fascinating. Also the masterclass was great, another dimension of climbing. Can't wait to try some in the Peaks soon. Any advice on some good beginner cracks? Usually climb in the Froggat/Burbage area with a possible trek up to Stanage.
    Cheers again, good luck with the next project.

    Rob ( from Cambridge)

  5. second that. come to wales:)

  6. That was a great talk tonight about a niche in trad; mega ticking and passion for linking moves on lines. James

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